Pubg Mobile New Trick Get Free Gun Skins | How To Get Free Gun Skins VPN Trick 100%working

Pubg Mobile New Trick Get Free Gun Skins | How To Get Free Gun Skins VPN Trick 100%working


frree mobile skin

friends welcome to our blog today we will give the latest trick to get m416 skin in pubg mobile
so here below in botom there is click here link click on that follow the youtube video 

To get a free skin for a weapon, there are three ways :
  1. Achievements :
    1. If you open your achievements option and go to weapon symbol you'll find there missions which will give skins for AR, SMG, shotgun and sniper rifle. These missions are completed when you kill 500 players with each of these guns.
    2. Completing the missions that give you coupon scrapes for premium crates. But it depends totally on luck and will take a long time without the guarantee of getting any.
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